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Make Your Life And Your Life’s Work Anything But Ordinary With No Ordinary Broom™

Inspired years ago to do all things wholeheartedly, Vineyard Art, originator of No Ordinary Broom™, has a mantra: Life doesn’t have to be ordinary.

No matter what your role is in life, all work is noble; what you do is important and has value.

No Ordinary Broom™ is such a beautiful example of this idea. It adds a spark of color to your kitchen corner. It welcomes you with an attitude of making the ordinary task of sweeping something whimsical.

Now who doesn’t like the idea of making work whimsical? Don’t let your home go without this treat of whimsy.

Bridal showers, housewarmings, holidays, weddings, birthdays and beyond, No Ordinary Broom™ makes the perfect gift that you can’t find just anywhere. It’s wonderfully unique, and each one-of-a-kind broom is handpainted, signed by the artist and carefully "dressed" in an attractive tag and coordinating ribbons.

We hope that you will be inspired by the artwork of No Ordinary Broom™ and its message to make your life and your life’s work anything but ordinary!

Extraordinarily Yours,

No Ordinary Broom™ is a product of Vineyard Art, Inc., a place where home and hospitality go hand in hand. Helen cordially invites you to creatively share in simple pleasures from her home to yours. Make yourself at home at